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"After having practiced pilates for many years I grew a deep passion for this method of exercise and wanted to share my knowledge and teach others so they too could feel their best and improve their health and fitness"

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My Story

I am a mat Pilates instructor with 16 years of experience practicing the method of Pilates. I first discovered Pilates when a running injury left me with chronic pain in my hips which then started to affect my back. I was always an active person and a gym goer so I had to find a low-impact form of movement that would help ease my back pain and keep my body strong and lean…I discovered the power of Pilates and I was instantly addicted to the movement!
As Joseph Pilates said “ In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 sessions you will see the difference, and in 30 you’ll have a whole new body”
This was truly the case for me and I have never been in better shape physically and Mentally. Pilates energizes me, lifts my mood, and leaves me feeling leaner and stronger from within.
In 2021 I also qualified as an ante/post-natal Pilates instructor. I have helped many women stay fit and active during their pregnancy with a tailored 1-2-1 approach to keep the body functioning well and ready for childbirth and after. We work on mobility, pelvic floor work, breathing and keeping the core strong and using the stabilizer muscles.
Pilates during and after pregnancy is a great low-impact form of exercise that will give you energy and is amazing for your general well-being.
I run group classes on Zoom and in person. I'm available for 1-2-1s in the comfort of your home. I have a full range of Pilates equipment to enhance your Pilates experience to ensure sessions stay interesting and challenging for the body.
My group classes are friendly, energetic, fun, and really a place where we can take time out of our busy lives and focus on our bodies and minds and do something positive for our well-being.
I can help you strengthen your body so it can function at its best at the same time working on mobility, flexibility, balance, core strength, and the mind-body connection. It takes consistency and with regular practice, you will achieve your goals, big or small, and really discover just what your body is capable of.

What Is Pilates All About?

Pilates is a method of low-impact exercises created by Joseph Pilates to help with rehabilitation after an injury and a form of corrective exercise. It develops strength, flexibility, balance, and core strength and generally improves fitness.
Its original name is ‘Contrology” which as it suggests, there is a mind-body connection to learning to control your body to move and function how you want it to. Most movement comes from the “powerhouse” also known as the core and this is the center of our bodies and hence needs to be strong to support us in everyday life, walking, running, standing, jumping, sitting down and getting up. It is key to a person's stability to have a strong core to improve balance and help support muscles which in turn support joint mobility.
Today many Osteopaths and physiotherapists will prescribe Pilates to their clients to help strengthen the core and activate muscles to help mobilise joints. This helps with pain management and rehabilitation after an injury as it has a low impact on the body but remains highly effective.
Pilates can change the shape of your body to become leaner and more toned as there is an emphasis on alignment and improving posture through performing a series of exercises.

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